Monday, 21 December 2015

Mini Pizza Squares

Ahhhh pizza.
The beautifully crafted meal, gone in minutes but the lingering tastiness and happy pizza memories lasting days. 

For the gluten and dairy free of us,
mainstream supermarket pizza is not something that we can add to our shopping lists. The layers of cheeses and gluten packed bases just don't work for us. Even strolling down the free from aisles and browsing certain food labels bring up scary 'ingredients' I can't even pronounce. They're not all bad, that's for sure but when looking for bases for these pizza's, I wanted an ingredients list as clean as possible.

These little pizza squares are delicious,
quick to make and colourful. The addition of my garlic and herb cashew cheese covers the cheesy taste needed with a really good pizza, the satisfying crunch of the thin base holds the toppings perfectly, of which I like to pack on as many colours as flavours as space will allow. Feel free to experiment with your favourite flavours. 

Chopped in quarters,
these make perfect canopé's at parties, or piled up in front of the tv for movie night. 

Makes 4 pizza squares

4 x square sandwich things - I use Newburn Bakehouse Seeded Sandwich Thins
enough tomato puree to cover each square
my garlic and herb cashew cheese - recipe here
4 cherry tomatoes, washed and sliced
4 raw mushrooms, washed and sliced
3 queen green olives, sliced
raw red/green/yellow/orange pepper, washed and sliced
a couple of washed spinach leaves for each pizza
himalayan salt
ground black pepper
mixed herbs
Mini Pizza Squares

Preheat your oven to 180degrees.

On a baking tray, lay the sandwich thins out. Spread the tomato purée on, then generously spread the cashew cheese over the top. It will mix together, but don't worry! 

Then, add your toppings of choice. Spread them out and try not to pile on too much on each one. 

Add salt, pepper and herbs.

Place in the middle of the oven for 6 minutes or until the edges of the thins are browning and the toppings are warm.

Place on a board with a side of home-made guacamole and dig in!

Thanks for reading!


Garlic and Herb Cashew Cheese

This is one of those foods that I wish I had known about years and years ago. What a flavour. It's so wonderful that you can take something as simple as cashew nuts, and transform them into a creamy, savoury, versatile spread. Amazing.

Garlic and Herb Cashew Cheese

I don't eat dairy in any form, haven't done for nearly 3 years and the benefits I've felt since cutting it out of my diet have been second to none. However, one of my most
favourite tastes in life is cheese. Gooey cheese, hard cheese, smelly cheese, stringy cheese. Just bring me the cheese. But my personal philosophy and my ethical values don't agree with buying or consuming cheese, nor does my tummy! 

Monday, 14 December 2015

A Visit To... 26 Grains, London

"26 Grains is all about bringing you delicious wholesome grain based dishes."

Where I went:



Almond Milk Latté - £2.50 + 30p extra for almond milk
Egg and Kale Porridge - £6.50
Total cost: £9.30

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