Saturday, 16 January 2016

Chocolate Orange Oats

I’m sure I can relate to most people here
when saying that the flavour of chocolate orange was simply the best thing ever as a child. The absolute glee on mine and my sister Emily’s face when we unwrapped Terry’s Chocolate Orange boxes as children from our sacks on Christmas morning will always be a fond memory of mine. There is a flitter of the same excitement when I smell the same heart-warming scent today in my 23 years of age. The two flavours combined together are absolutely heavenly. The childhood nostalgia kicked in this week and I decided to recreate the memory in a slightly different way.

Chocolate Orange Oats -

Cacao is one of those beautiful superfood ingredients
that just works with everything. It truly is a vegan and dairy free person’s godsend. The versatility of it means it’s a great, almost necessary addition to a plant based foodie’s kitchen; hot cacao, chocolate smoothies, cacao muffins, raw cakes and choc chia puddings just to name a few. The health benefits of cacao are also simply endless. The one that screams the loudest is its detoxifying qualities: cacao boasts almost 20 times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries (known as the antioxidant berry)!

Cacao must always be consumed raw
to benefit from its health qualities. Once it’s been processed, i.e. into a supermarket bought chocolate bar, the goodness of cacao has been cooked off and mixed with milk, sugar and other unsightly ingredients I can’t begin to even attempt to pronounce. So buying cacao raw and organic is really important.  

This beautiful breakfast bowl
of chocolate orange oats couldn’t be easier and results in memory filled mouthfuls of flavourful heaven. The addition of the grated orange zest cooked in the oats gives it that fresh and zingy taste while the cacao and pecan milk mixed together is responsible for the seemingly indulgent creamy consistency. However this bowl is bursting with goodness, nutrients and happiness. Feel all the indulgence you want to, while knowing that you’re consuming slow releasing energy, hormone balancing cacao and vitamin packed orange.

Chocolate Orange Oats -

1 heaped teaspoon cacao powder

1½ cups of my maca pecan milk or homemade nut milk of choice

1/2 cup of gluten free oats

Grated rind of half a large orange

1 teaspoon orange extract


4/5 peeled clementine segments

sprinkle of coconut flakes and desiccated coconut

small handful cacao nibs

optional: grated 100% dark chocolate (mine is from Hotel Chocolat, 100% vegan and lovely)

Add the nut milk and cacao powder to a jug and mix with a electronic milk ‘frother’ or spoon until fully combined.

Add the oats and cacao milk to a pan along with the grated orange zest and orange extract.

Heat slowly on low and stir when it starts to cook. You want soft oats with a delicious creamy consistency.

Pour into a bowl and add your toppings, before tucking in and joining me in admiration of the wonderful flavour of chocolate orange....


Chocolate Orange Oats -

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