Tuesday, 3 January 2017

My 2017 Intentions

While not a fan of making New Year’s Resolutions, I am a big fan of creating goals; I find them exciting and I love the challenge of constantly pushing myself to be better and achieve more. There’s something so motivating about writing down all the things you want in life, and knowing that you can have every single one of them.

To kick off me getting back into my blog after a year off to focus on my studies, I thought I’d share my personal intentions for 2017. These are mainly focused on health, wellness, looking after our planet and personal growth – four of the most important things in my life.


If you haven’t thought about your own 2017 intentions, or you have but haven’t written them down, I urge you to get a pen and paper and write them down right nowMake it official. It’s the first step in truly moving forward. 

Please feel free to share your intentions with me on twitter, I’d love to hear about what you’re going to achieve this year!

 Do more yoga and stretching
Read more books, both fiction and non-fiction
Spread more love, warmth and happiness everywhere I go
Nourish my friendships
Move into my own home and create a snuggly, calm haven for myself
Play more tennis
Visit Sweden, Berlin and Iceland
Complete a Tough Mudder without dying or seriously injuring myself
Continue working on becoming zero-waste
Read more nutrition based books
Explore the wellness industry in London
Learn how to rollerblade
Eat more delicious food
Get as many chemicals out of my home as possible
Educate more people on the benefits of a zero-waste lifestyle
Reduce my screen time, replace with getting to know new people
Go on as many adventures as possible!


Finally, Happy New Year darlings. I hope 2017 is everything you want and more.


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