About Me

I’m Chloë and I’m so happy you’ve stopped by my blog. I’m a health and wellness blogger, based near Bath in the UK. I blog about plant based health and create delicious colourful recipes, along with natural beauty, wellness and sharing my passion about looking after our planet.
 I share my recipes and knowledge of plant based eating because I am truly obsessed with this lifestyle. I have seen, first hand, the benefits and positives of living the plant based ‘foodie’ life in all aspects, so I aim to share this passion and knowledge with you; so you can feel the same and understand how and why this way of living is so utterly good for us, both physically and mentally. I want the world to not only follow my recipes and enjoy the delicious results, but to learn something new about living a plant based lifestyle in the process. It’s something I’m really passionate about.
I created Nourishing Chloë in 2014, when I decided I wanted to share what I had learned over the previous two years from switching to a plant based diet. It became a way for me to store all my recipes, channel my ramblings and enter a new community, bright eyed and raring to go. It’s been so much fun since day one.
Plant based eating changed me in more ways than one. I discovered it when living in Australia for a year in 2013-14. Their way of life is so different from our English ways; it literally radiates health. I picked up on smoothie bowls and superfood ingredients and because of the heat, I started drifting towards more fresh, colourful produce, juices, acai bowls and big quinoa salads. Overnight I decided to cut out gluten and dairy – previously unthinkable for a cheese lover who lived off bread and pasta. It was difficult, of course it was. I’d known nothing else. But I was determined to succeed; a different determination than I’d felt before.  The more I ate kind of food, the more knowledge and food I wanted to try. I shed weight, the condition of my skin, hair and nails improved, and I felt honestly incredible; the best I’d ever felt in my 21 years of age!
I went from being a tired, dull skinned, overweight, unhappy girl to a glowing, slimmer, blissfully happy one. I returned home and after 6 months of settling back in to English life and continuing to pursue a plant based lifestyle, Nourishing Chloë was born. I can’t explain how utterly thrilled I am at finding this way of living and how much it’s benefitted my life, my health and my wellbeing. Not only me, but the people around me too, from passing on tips to introducing them to new ingredients, to them eating dishes I’ve created.
I channel my passion and happiness through my blog and my posts, through my social media accounts and through everyday life. My blog represents all that I stand for, love, am passionate about and enjoy.  I truly hope you feel happiness and passion when browsing through my blog. I hope you enjoy your visit, please do come again soon.
Kind, soulful wishes,
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